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8 E&M Voice Card

The  8-port E&M plug-in card for the Loop-AM3440-A/B/C series, O9550-A/C and O9500R has 8 E&M interfaces that can be multiplexed to DS0 signals. 

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Loop Telecom’s E&M plug-in card is designed for the Loop-O9500R, the Loop-O9550-A/C, and the Loop-AM3440-A/B/C devices. It allows 8 ports E&M interfaces to be multiplexed to 64 kbps DS0 signals. It can also be used as TO (Transmit Only). Voice coding can be selected as either A-law or mu-law.This unit can be used on systems running 110-220 Vac or -48 Vdc power supply.

Note: Although the E&M Voice Cards serve the same hardware function on O9500R, O9550, and AM3440, they have different firmware.

  • Eight RJ45 connectors for E&M
  • Supports E&M signaling over Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 and Type 5
  • Programmable gain setting per-port
  • A side and B side supported (A side is exchange side, B side is carrier side)
  • 2 wire, 4 wire supported
  • Transmit only (TO) type supported
  • A-law or mu-law coding
  • Intended for use with 110-220 Vac or -48 Vdc powered main units